Annual Exhibition 2020

The Annual Club Exhibition will run from Monday 2nd March to Friday 3rd April 2020 and is now approaching fast.

The exhibition will run for the above dates in the CLaRC Centre, Wimborne; and all members are able to have their work displayed.

This year's exhibition is for one month - previously it has been for two - so we will be having a single hanging without a refresh of images half way through.

We would like a maximum of two prints per person, of recent work, and as before they need to be in the same format as for Club competitions, in 40 cm x 50 cm mounts. Regrettably we cannot display work that doesn’t conform to the mount size.

We need your prints by Monday 24th February at the latest - this is the last meeting at which you can hand them in as we will be hanging on the following Monday morning.

We hope as many of you as possible will submit your work to be displayed!

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